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AddressWichita, KS
United States
Daytime phone503-602-7443
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Photography +
FAA Certified Drone
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We are Debbie and Kirk

a Photography + FAA Certified Drone Pilot TEAM

based in Wichita Kansas.
Our approach to photography is fun and relaxed,
and we have a blast doing what we LOVE
from a unique artistic perspective and honest imagery.

We like hot tea on a cold day. We believe the perfect day
starts with the sound of a coffee grinder & chill tunes playing.

Blessed with 7 children that we share between us & 2 beautiful granddaughters.
Plus 4 that have chosen to be apart of our families too. + Trump 1 spoiled English Bulldog.
Love the company of one another and see the world as our playground.

Our goal is to create stunning imagery ART for your home and lifetime.
That reflect the real you in a fun and fresh creative way!

Thank You for stopping, we love hearing from you!
Spitting Image Photos
Turning everyday life into ART!